Monday, 1 December 2008

How To......Spock 540

Spock 540 from Stephen Gibson on Vimeo.

Head a little off the wind and pop the board into a vulcan.As you land, your weight should be COMPLETELY on the front foot, with your upper body leaning forward towards the nose of the board.This is super important to aid the slide.

Upon landing,look over your back shoulder(in the direction of the slide).This will twist the shoulders and the hips and force the board to rotate instead of just slide in a straight line.

Grab the boom on the new side(your front hand will have changed during the pop)and move your (new)back hand towards the clew to increase control over the sail.

As the board begins to spin, move your body weight onto your heels. At this point there will be very little pressure in the sail.

As the board spins to the new tack,push on the sail with the backhand and flip it through the wind(learning heli tacks will help you alot here). You should now be sailing away clew-first on your original course and can bend the knees allowing the board to rotate the last 180.Smile at the camera and sail off.............

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